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Lightroom plugin update

We’ve just published a new version of the Lightroom plugin. The most important improvement is that the plugin now uses secure HTTPS connections, so the communication between Lightroom and our servers is fully encrypted. Here is how to update: Download … Continue reading

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New Lightroom plugin with Publish functionality!

We’re delighted to announce the availability of a new Lightroom-PhotoDeck plugin that is a significant step-up over the previous one. The new PhotoDeck-Lightroom Publish plugin allows you to: Publish your images directly from Lightroom into galleries on your PhotoDeck site … Continue reading

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Improved watermark management

To start off the week, we’ve just rolled out an update on the watermark module! Watermarks library Not every gallery calls for the same watermark. Now, you can keep several watermarks in store, and pick the one you want to … Continue reading

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Major upgrade, with Stripe integration and new uploader

One week after the introduction of our integration with WHCC, we’re bringing you today a new upgrade! Stripe integration Members can now use Stripe to receive payments. We love their simple yet powerful interface, and how easy they make it … Continue reading

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TIP // Managing your site from a mobile device

The PhotoDeck administration space is a desktop-class file management utility and backend, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited to desktops and laptops. Your administration space retains full compatibility with mobile devices, letting you create and manage your site just like … Continue reading

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TIP // My Images & Videos: Showing more thumbnails

The thumbnail and view options in the My Images & Videos panel are highly customizable. For example, if you want to re-order files between multiple pages, it makes sense to show more image thumbnails per page to allow for easier … Continue reading

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PDF support

We’re delighted to announce that PhotoDeck now fully supports PDFs files, in the same way as still images and video clips. Need to distribute PDF files in a controlled way? Want to sell an ebook? We got you covered! Simply … Continue reading

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Updated Photo Mechanic uploader

We’ve updated the Photo Mechanic uploader so that it now lets you create new galleries and upload directly into galleries, all from Photo Mechanic, for a more efficient workflow. See how to install the new plugin.

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NEW: Ship-a-disk

Do you wish to leverage PhotoDeck’s huge storage capabilities to power an extensive online library, or simply to have access to your archive online, but find uploading times impractical? We got great news for you: you can now send in … Continue reading

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Upload from Adobe Lightroom

UPDATE FEB 2015: We now have a free Publish Lightroom-PhotoDeck plugin instead! Get it now! Here is a sweet little piece of software using the PhotoDeck API: photographer and developer Tim Armes of Photographer’s Toolbox has published a Lightroom export … Continue reading

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