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What’s your specialism? Styles and Signposts

Zoe Whishaw is a independent commercial photography consultant and mentor. She works with photographers on a one-to-one basis and runs seminars and workshops in and around London. Aside from being functionally efficient, those looking to commission photography will want a … Continue reading

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TIP // Using smart collections

Smart collections are saved dynamic searches that make it easy to find files that you frequently access. This is a great time saver, especially for large image databases where it can be easy to lose track of files. Smart collections … Continue reading

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TIP // Gallery cover photos

Galleries covers should be enticing and encourage your visitors to enter a gallery. Other times, you want them to be more practical. For this reason you can easily customize which image is used for your gallery covers. In the My … Continue reading

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TIP // Customizing and understanding thumbnails

Each gallery display style uses a unique mixture of settings to optimize the way your images are displayed in your galleries. One of the areas where this is the most apparent is in the image thumbnails. Did you know you … Continue reading

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TIP // My Images & Videos: Showing more thumbnails

The thumbnail and view options in the My Images & Videos panel are highly customizable. For example, if you want to re-order files between multiple pages, it makes sense to show more image thumbnails per page to allow for easier … Continue reading

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Infinite scrolling

As part of our update today, we’ve added a new option to display an “infinite” page instead of splitting your long galleries and search results into several pages. And of course, it’s all dynamic so it stays as fast as … Continue reading

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Redesigned Image and Galleries management panel

We’ve redesigned much of the Images & Videos panel so you can work faster — don’t miss this short walk-through video!

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New feature: comments on custom pages and thumbnails pages

It is now possible to allow comments not only on single enlarged images/videos, but also on pages — so creating a page for client testimonials is now easier than ever! This update also brings the option to allow comments on … Continue reading

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The Magic Wall Tile gets siblings and new options

We’ve just added two new styles of Magic Wall: the vertical tile, and the one we’re most proud of, the MOSAIC: Moreover, all walls can now display larger images (useful if you don’t have many images in a gallery), and … Continue reading

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Full-size slideshows of any gallery!

We’ve just added a long-awaited feature that can make a big difference on your website: now, you can display any gallery not only a large, auto-scaling images, but also as a slideshow. When viewing an image in a gallery, visitors … Continue reading

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